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How can you tell if a teenager needs more services and supports to help him or her build a healthier life in a quick and validated way? The CARE2 Threat Assessment Clinical Toolbox is ready for release. It has is a short version of the CARE2 and includes 2 scales, one for teen males and one for teen females, There are 13 items on the scale for girls and 16 items on the scale for males. These are items that will be familiar to most providers of services for youth (see below). These scales were cross-validated by Dr.’s Tossey, Venable, and Becker of Salisbury University which is a part of the University of MD. system.

A score of 5 or above indicates the need for additional services and supports. Recommendations of services are found in the Toolbox. There is a form to explain the results to parents or caregivers.

This toolbox can be used in a variety of agencies including Behavioral Health, Department of Human Services, Juvenile Services, inpatient facilities, and group homes. It is easy to use and research-validated.

By drkathy

I am a psychologist and I own 6 mental health clinics in Maryland, We specialize in working with troubled youth and their families. I have written 2 books and 1 assessment about youth violence and I lecture internationally on bullying and youth and family violence.

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