Trauma informed care for ESPS

Dr. Kathy Speaking
Dr. Kathy Speaking


I shared my new website, with ESPS staff today.  I have just started and I may combine a care2 newsletter with the trauma-informed newsletters for ESPS.  My goal is to create a trauma-informed program for ESPS. I hope others will join in and co-create this program and the newsletters.  I want to combine the newsletters because, in my many years, I have come to the conclusion that much of our work needs to be trauma-informed. It is also easier to make one newsletter than try to manage 2 newsletters.  The website has a blog so we can post ideas, comments, and questions, as well. Everyone is welcome to read and comment.


Dr. Kathy

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I am a psychologist and I own 6 mental health clinics in Maryland, We specialize in working with troubled youth and their families. I have written 2 books and 1 assessment about youth violence and I lecture internationally on bullying and youth and family violence.

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