Mindfulness apps help teens with depression and anxiety

Youth are very attuned to phone apps.  I found the following on Linked In.
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF)20,380 followers2 hours ago

A free #smartphone app providing brief #mindfulness training sessions helped young teens ruminate less. Repetitive and negative self-focused thinking, often concerning stressful or negative past events, is often seen in #anxiety and #depressionhttp://ow.ly/onR350G3XAV
I (Dr. Kathy) have found that the CALM app works well for some of my clients.  https://www.calm.com/
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Dr. Kathy

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I am a psychologist and I own 6 mental health clinics in Maryland, ESPSMD.com. We specialize in working with troubled youth and their families. I have written 2 books and 1 assessment about youth violence and I lecture internationally on bullying and youth and family violence.

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