Visit the CARE-2 Booth at NatCon April 11-13

We are excited to announce that CARE-2 will have a booth at NatCon, National Council’s Annual Conference on April 11-13 at the Gaylord Hotel in Washington DC.  If you are there, stop by our booth 225. We will be handing out violence prevention articles and running CARE-2 specials. ****** The CARE-2 by Dr. Kathryn Seifert… Continue reading Visit the CARE-2 Booth at NatCon April 11-13

Insights on Preventing Violence

Interesting Idea “Every city suffering from high rates of violent crime should have a permanent unit dedicated to violence reduction operating inside the mayor’s office,” reported the  Council on Criminal Justice’s Violent Crime Working Group (The Trace ( *** Violence Prevention The cost of gun violence in the US is nearly $3B and the human… Continue reading Insights on Preventing Violence

5 Steps to Improve the Care of Children in Homes with Toxic Stress

    The growing volume of research on childhood trauma and its link to behavioral health problems, medical problems, criminality, suicide, violence, and living on the margins of society are clear.  If we are to reduce the prevelence of these problems, we must solve the problem of child maltreatment, domestic violence, and paucity of family… Continue reading 5 Steps to Improve the Care of Children in Homes with Toxic Stress

Gov. Hogan Proclamation Supporting Mental Health

For Mental Health awareness week, Gov. Hogan issued a proclamation recognizing the association of trauma with mental and behavioral health issues.  He stated that all mental health services should identify any trauma which requires treatment to support the treatment of any mental health issues. I recommend that the ACE’s Questionnaire in any of its variants… Continue reading Gov. Hogan Proclamation Supporting Mental Health

Meditation as Trauma Informed Care

I just read an article on Meditation being used to help those involved in the criminal justice system.  The authors reviewed multiple studies.  They found that regular meditation reduced re-offending in all categories of offending including sex offenders.  Another article reviewed information about the connection between trauma and externalized behavior problems (harm toward other people)… Continue reading Meditation as Trauma Informed Care

Violence and Mental Illness

The following short article explores the role of interpersonal violence in establishing power over those with whom we disagree, get one’s needs met, and solve problems. Using negotiation and interpersonal discourse instead of violence to meet our personal needs or achieve a goal is a skill learned and practiced from the ages of 2-5.  Trembly,… Continue reading Violence and Mental Illness

Trauma informed care for ESPS

  I shared my new website, with ESPS staff today.  I have just started and I may combine a care2 newsletter with the trauma-informed newsletters for ESPS.  My goal is to create a trauma-informed program for ESPS. I hope others will join in and co-create this program and the newsletters.  I want to combine… Continue reading Trauma informed care for ESPS

CARE2 News

Newly released! How can you tell if a teenager needs more services and supports to help him or her build a healthier life in a quick and validated way? The CARE2 Threat Assessment Clinical Toolbox is ready for release. It has is a short version of the CARE2 and includes 2 scales, one for teen… Continue reading CARE2 News

The CARE-2 is unique in its emphasis on Risk Reduction Treatment Planning for youth with severe behavior problems. Dismiss