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CARE2 Assessment for Behavioral Health Professionals

The CARE2 Assessment is a full assessment of behavior problems that might occur among children and teens ages 6 to 18. There is a scale for similarity to youth that commit acts of violence. Additionally, the CARE-2 assessment can be used to create a treatment plan for youth with any of 52 concerning behaviors, such as theft, running away, deviant peers, bullying, and impulsivity. It is an invaluable tool for working with youth with concerning behaviors and their families.

CARE2 Threat Assessment Clinical Toolbox


The CARE2 Threat Assessment Clinical Toolbox is a shorter but fully validated Assessment for youth behavior problems, including aggression.  It allows professionals that are working with youth to explain to parents and caregivers problems, strengths, and recommendations for interventions that can reduce concerning behaviors and increase strengths, 

CARE2 Threat Assessment Toolbox


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The CARE-2 is unique in its emphasis on Risk Reduction Treatment Planning for youth with severe behavior problems. Dismiss